Is Anyone Not Guilty Of Worry?

Every being on earth that has breath cannot deny the fact that at some point, ’worrying’ about ‘something’ or a ‘circumstance’ may have been [...]

Harvest of Great Mercy State Thanksgiving 2016 Kicks Off

It was all smiles on the faces of the congregation as they saw the children in the church file out to the altar looking so gorgeously dressed in their [...]

P.U.S.H, For A Great Harvest – Rev. Fr. Bertrand Ujunwa

By Obijiaku Obinna K. Last Sunday’s homily was so pleasant, engaging and somewhat magical because almost all throughout the 45 minutes the talk [...]

For God To Increase Your Harvest, You Need To Take A Step Of Faith

By Obijiaku Obinna K. This is indeed rightly said. I remember those days when I was newly starting to reap the benefits of having to stick firmly to my [...]

Have You Seen My Childhood?

"Have you seen my Childhood...?" Yes, if you are trying to remember where you heard those lines before, it was in the popular song written by the late [...]

Pope: Disabled persons should be loved, not hidden from society

On Sunday, Pope Francis denounced the increasingly prevalent mentality which claims that sick and disabled persons cannot be happy, and should be kept out of [...]

Social media, WYD, and a ‘tweetable’ Pope – evangelizing in a digital era

As thousands of young people prepare to hit Krakow in July for World Youth Day, the race to spread the word about the event is well underway, with organizers [...]

Jesus wants people to strive for ideal, but settle disputes, Pope says

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- A "my way or the highway" attitude is not Catholic -- it's heretical, Pope Francis said. "Jesus always walks with us, he gives us the [...]