Month: June 2016

Our Harvest Chairman Goes For His Family Harvest Thanksgiving

The 7.00 am mass started on a good note with the church packed full all thanks to the clement weather. Everyone seemed to be in high spirits to witness Christ [...]

Harvest of Great Mercy in the Jubilee Year of Mercy

Harvest season is a special time for bringing gifts to God in thanksgiving for all that He has done and would do; it is also a special period in the catholic [...]

Covenant Sunday: A Day To Remember

The day had finally come. The much anticipated 2016 Harvest of Great Mercy Covenant Sunday was upon us. The parishioners defiled all odds by attending the [...]

For Pope Francis, the Catholic laity can transform the world

The Church should always value the transformative power of faith-filled laity who are willing to serve the Gospel, Pope Francis said Friday. [...]

We must forgive: a bishop’s message after a horrendous Nigerian massacre

After the sorrow of an April massacre in southeastern Nigeria, a Catholic bishop said the killers of dozens of people must still be forgiven. [...]

How the Pope’s visit to Auschwitz will shape World Youth Day

Since the very first World Youth Day in 1986, the international Catholic event has been marked by prayer, music, and fellowship among thousands of young people [...]

Are you ‘bothered’ by the cry of the poor? If so, it’s a problem, Pope says

Pope Francis said Wednesday that we must listen to the cries of the poor and needy, resisting the temptation to close our hearts because we are “bothered” [...]

Pope: Disabled persons should be loved, not hidden from society

On Sunday, Pope Francis denounced the increasingly prevalent mentality which claims that sick and disabled persons cannot be happy, and should be kept out of [...]

Social media, WYD, and a ‘tweetable’ Pope – evangelizing in a digital era

As thousands of young people prepare to hit Krakow in July for World Youth Day, the race to spread the word about the event is well underway, with organizers [...]

Jesus wants people to strive for ideal, but settle disputes, Pope says

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- A "my way or the highway" attitude is not Catholic -- it's heretical, Pope Francis said. "Jesus always walks with us, he gives us the [...]