Month: September 2016

Practice the Act of Charity & Be a Winner in This Harvest

Charity begins at home they say. But how do you expect someone who has no home to be charitable. When I say home, I don’t mean a house made of bricks and [...]

Your Responsibility as a Christian in This Harvest of Great Mercy

  All have been called to take up responsibilities in the church, just as one been ‘called to the bar’, in the legal world. There are no [...]

Youths Bring Back the Old School in Their Monthly Youth Mass

The 3rd edition of their monthly youth mass came with extra twists of creativity, refined activities and a rush of blood to the brains. [...]

Harvest of Great Mercy State Thanksgiving 2016 Kicks Off

It was all smiles on the faces of the congregation as they saw the children in the church file out to the altar looking so gorgeously dressed in their [...]