For God To Increase Your Harvest, You Need To Take A Step Of Faith

By Obijiaku Obinna K. This is indeed rightly said. I remember those days when I was newly starting to reap the benefits of having to stick firmly to my [...]

Benedict XVI talks resignation, Pope Francis in new book-length interview

Though he has rarely spoken since resigning from the papacy, Benedict XVI granted several lengthy interviews to German journalist Peter Seewald shortly after [...]

We must forgive: a bishop’s message after a horrendous Nigerian massacre

After the sorrow of an April massacre in southeastern Nigeria, a Catholic bishop said the killers of dozens of people must still be forgiven. [...]

How to be a good shepherd – Pope Francis’ guide for priests

Pope Francis emphasized that priests must be joyful, stubborn shepherds who take risks and seek out even those who are most distant from God, in imitation of [...]

Want to get close to Jesus? Be meek, Pope Francis says

Meekness of heart is not foolishness, Pope Francis said Monday, but rather “the capacity to be deep and to understand the greatness of God, and worship [...]

Does The Catholic Church Have 2 Popes? Controversy Is Revived As Benedict Aide Makes Stunning Remarks

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A Master’s degree in the works of Benedict XVI? Yep, it’s happening!

No Catholic who wants to take an in-depth look into the faith and the reality of the Church of our time can skip the works of the “Theologian Pope”, [...]