Millennials, (also known as Generation Y) are the demographic cohort following generation X. There are no precise dates for when this cohort starts or ends. Demographics and Researchers typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years. (Wikipedia).
Okay let’s cut the whole grammar. In simple term, Millennials are individuals born in the information age. That is, between the early 1990s and early 2000s, and because we became human in this information age, we think, act and react differently from our elderly folks.
This article essentially contains tips that Millennials can adopt to live a better life. I will be discussing Personal Finance, Career, Education, Internet usage and Relationships.
I wouldn’t duel much on any of these because there are going to be follow-up articles on each. Let’s get started right away.

Personal Finance
Personal finance is a burning area of interest among Millennials. As a young person, how do you manage your finance. Does it all go into fashion, gadgets, Business, internet connection, drinks, party and so on? You have got to learn how to manage the little money you have now that you got little or no responsibility on your desk. “Bro”, “Babe” It’s time to invest. Investment is one of the best ways to secure your future. We will discuss how and where to invest in subsequent articles. Another pressing issue in personal finance among millennials is debt. Do not run into debt and do not borrow your friend money. Doubt it or not, it is very easy to borrow your friend money but quite hard to get it back. I bet you wouldn’t like to lose your friendship because your friend is unable to refund the money you borrowed him or her. This is something most of us have experienced. If your friend comes to borrow money from you, give him how much you can afford to give him and do not expect a refund. Give him/her freely, do not lend him/her.

Our parents often mistake career for education. Career and Education are two sides of a coin. As a young person, you’ve got to have a career. It doesn’t always have to be formal education. In fact, I can authoritatively assert that using formal university education as a measurement of growth or success in life is one of the biggest mistakes of the last generation. Hey! It is not compulsory you attend a University or a Polytechnic or a College of Education because you may end up wasting your precious time. This is my intuition and I strongly opine that many of us do not need formal education, rather we need some form of informal/career driven mode of education to advance whatever passion, interest or skill or talent we’ve got. Okay roll your eyes back a little let us break this down. I’m quite sure most of us know about the Floyd Mayweather Vs Connor McGregor fight that took place in Las Vegas, United States on Saturday August 26th, 2017. At the end of the fight, Mayweather won and went home with one hundred million United States Dollars ($100M) while McGregor bagged thirty Million United States Dollars ($30M) for losing a fight. That obviously isn’t a loss. I’m sure none of the skills on display was learnt in the University. Then you dare say you flogged my son for fighting in school?

Having a formal education doesn’t mean you have a career. But if formal education is your part, cool. Make the best of it. What you studied in school is becoming less irrelevant by the day. This is because organisations are going more global and are becoming more diversified. Reason we find Engineers, Science graduates, Law graduates and so on working in Financial services companies such as banks. Going global, same trend applies. I have two friends, both studying Engineering and Science respectively being offered an opportunity to intern for three months at Bank of America, Merrill Lynch in London. So, you see what you studying doesn’t really matter, what matters is for you to have good grades. Try as much as you can to graduate with nothing less than a second class upper (2:1). You do not have to write JAMB five times because you want to study Medicine or Law or Mass Communication and what have you. Stop wasting your time, get a course, just be sure to have good grades. Balance your interest, capacity and the time constraint you have got. Mum/Dad, I know you want to be known as the mother of a Doctor, the first Doctor from your village, but Kelvin doesn’t really have to be a Doctor, you may be wasting his time.

Relationship Life
This article is certainly not complete without talking about relationship. Being young made us revolutionary. Questioning everything we come across. Do not be in any relationship that doesn’t make you a better person. In your relationships, never compete to be better than the other person. Every day, strive to compete with yourself and be better than the way you were the previous day. I’m trying not to say so much about relationships now, all I can say is, avoid friends who will not make you a better person. Avoid people that do not share same or similar vision as you. Do not try to change people all by yourself because in changing them, you might sink in them. Know who you are and things you value always. Marriage can be the biggest mistake you might make in life, choose wisely. The guy/lady you see while dating may be the best of him/her. If he slaps you while you guys are dating, he certainly will punch you when you guys get married. Do not make mistake of a life time.

What defines us as young people is our online personality. Being virtual citizens has enabled us to be all we can be in the virtual world. Be careful what you post online be it WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and so on as it can make or mar your future. I will share a personal story of how a girl’s activities on Social Media cost her a good paying job in a subsequent article. Manage your time effectively, know when to be online if that is not the channel you make a living. In all you do, be responsible online. I will end this with a task for you. Google yourself and see what the world is saying about you. This is simple, type your name on Google and search. Share with me what you feel of your information online let’s see how you can have a more positive information about yourself online.
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