Month: November 2016

Stay Awake! It is The First Sunday of Advent – Fr. Wisdom

Yesterday marked the beginning of the advent season. It is a new date in the liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church which commences on the fourth [...]

Corpus Christi: Proclaiming Christ as Our King

The Feast of Christ the King is a Latin rite liturgical solemnity celebrating the belief in the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ’s real presence in the [...]

Harvest of Great Mercy 2016 Harvest Thanksgiving Day – As It Happened

Finally, the much waited day was upon us; the 13th of November, 2016 snowballed into a great day with nature nodding in solidarity with the planned event [...]

Lord Make Me a Channel of Grace in This Harvest – Fr. Wisdom

I wrote an article in this forthcoming 2016 ‘Harvest of Great Mercy’ brochure. I talked about volunteer work in the house of the Lord, its benefits and [...]

Penitential Service: Be Merciful Just As Your Father Is Merciful

Friday 28th October saw worshipers gather in the church from all works of life just like the hundred and forty – four thousand sealed, out of every tribe [...]