Month: December 2016

Make This Season a Special One – Fr. Wisdom

The harmattan is finally here, that which we all craved for has suddenly come but it didn't come alone; fog, dust, catarrh and cold are some of its [...]

Blessed Are They Who Hear the Word and Keep It

  Life is a continuum of wild, memorable, sorrowful, happy events; with all its twists and turns bottled up in an envelope of time. [...]

St Joseph and the 4th Sunday of Advent

Just as any man would wish to have a happy home with a big family, a good job and live a happy life, someone somewhere would have to be willing to make the [...]

Rejoice For Thy Salvation Is At Hand – Fr. Wisdom

  ‘Establish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand. Do not grumble. Brethren, against one another, that you may not be judged; [...]

This Is My Time for Change – Rev. Fr. Godfrey Udeh

  Yes I am a Christian and by God’s grace I know to a large extent what is required of me in my work for the Kingdom, and as a lover of Christ, [...]

Where Are You Headed This Advent – Rev. Fr. Godfrey

  As the advent slowly rolls on by and starts to snowball into a season of celebrations, with all the beautiful bells of Christmas ringing, [...]

Prayer For The Actualization Of Our Chaplaincy Projects

Almighty Father who is beauty true and true, who alone is the God of possibilities, bigger, wiser and stronger than any challenge (recession); we approach your [...]