Month: May 2016

Pope Francis asks kids to join Syrian children in praying for peace

Millions of children have either been killed, displaced or orphaned as a result of Syria’s ongoing, bloody civil war. [...]


NEW YORK, USA - The activities of the Boko Haram Islamic fundamentalist group and the Fulani Cattle herdsmen have been described as a systematic attempt to [...]

Pope Francis to author new book answering teens’ questions

After becoming the first Pope to author a children's book earlier this year, Pope Francis will soon come out with another, based on his responses to questions [...]

Does The Catholic Church Have 2 Popes? Controversy Is Revived As Benedict Aide Makes Stunning Remarks

A Vatican controversy was recently reignited when a long-time personal aide to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI suggested that the papacy has been redefined and that [...]

Pope Francis says he’s open to studying the Female Diaconate

On Thursday Pope Francis said he would be open to the idea of forming a commission to study the historical context of the female diaconate, as well as the [...]

She was kidnapped by Boko Haram and escaped. This is her testimony

I have a dream of a safe Nigeria.” This is the hope voiced by one of the Nigerian schoolgirls who escaped captivity by the terror group Boko Haram, speaking [...]

God doesn’t barter, rewarding the good, punishing the bad, Pope says

Salvation has nothing to do with the tidy business of bartering -- earning God's love in return for good behavior, Pope Francis said. "If you do well you get [...]


A reflection on the person, gifts and charisms of the Holy Spirit The Feast of Pentecost, originally the Jewish Feast of weeks commemorating the gift of the [...]

No one can take our dignity – not even the devil, Pope Francis says

On Wednesday Pope Francis said the father’s embrace in the Parable of the Prodigal Son is a reminder that we never ought to despair, because nothing and no [...]

Don’t lock up the Holy Spirit in your heart, Pope Francis says

The Holy Spirit seems to be a “luxury prisoner” in many Christians’ hearts: someone who is welcomed to stay, but not allowed to act or move us forward, [...]