2016 Laity Week Comes To A Close With Joy, Laughter And Goodies

By Obijiaku Obinna Kingsley

The ceremonies came to a close with all and sundry at least having something to bite, chew or drink.

The week long activities which commenced on 3rd July with an opening address by the laity chairman, Mr. Olumide Akintunde, ended with a laity love feast. Various consumables ranging from loaves of bread, to groundnuts, biscuits and drinks were donated and placed right there at the sanctuary during the celebration of the Holy Mass.


Special prayers were said on the items and at the close of both masses; the items were distributed to the whole church by members of the church wardens. Each person was advised to go home chewing or drinking something in the spirit of thanksgiving to God for a successful week long program.


“Though the week long activities had its few lapses, we were happy to close with a memorable event such as this. I and my executives intend to go back to the drawing table and look into those areas where we seem not to do so well, and work on them for future reference”, said Mr Olumide.


The laity stickers were still up for sale with parishioners seen scrambling for what was left of it. Today won’t be forgotten in a rush as it was indeed the first of its kind and an eye opener to the responsibilities of the lay faithful’s in the church.


Above are few pictures from the laity week activities. For more please visit the main website and check the gallery.

Stay blessed!

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