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Vocation Sunday: Listen to the Voice of the Shepherd

  In the Catholic Church the fourth Sunday after Easter, which is the Good Shepherd Sunday coincides with Vocation Sunday.   This is a [...]

Divine Mercy Sunday

  The Catholic Church celebrated yesterday the Divine Mercy Sunday which is also the Second Sunday after Easter. It is based on the Catholic [...]

Palm Sunday: Blessed is He Who Comes

  The triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on a donkey was our celebration on the 9th of April. Palm Sunday, a Sunday before Easter signifies [...]

Fifth Sunday of Lent: It Would End In God’s Praise

  Lent is traditionally described as lasting for forty days, in commemoration of the forty days Jesus spent in the desert before beginning his [...]

Fourth Sunday of Lent: The Joy That Comes From the Light

  Lent is a season of the Christian year when Christians focus on simple living, prayer and fasting in order to grow closer to God. The resultant [...]

Third Sunday in Lent: Drawing from the Living Waters

  In the season of Lent believers are advised to abstain from sin, go for confession often, commit to fasting, as well as ‘giving up’ certain [...]

First Sunday in Lent: Overcoming Temptation

  Lent is a solemn religious observance in the Catholic liturgical calendar that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends six weeks later, before Easter [...]

Is Anyone Not Guilty Of Worry?

Every being on earth that has breath cannot deny the fact that at some point, ’worrying’ about ‘something’ or a ‘circumstance’ may have been [...]

Seek the Lord, All You Humble of Heart – Fr. Wisdom

  It is sheer common knowledge that there isn't any room for the weak and meek in this harsh world of ours. Just to survive in Lagos alone, you [...]

The Epiphany of the Lord

  The Catholic Church on the 8th of January celebrated the Epiphany of the Lord. In our context, Epiphany here means the appearance of Jesus in the [...]