Contentment Opens The Door For A Great Harvest


It was all fun and laughter on the 14th of August with the church packed full to capacity, again, for the second edition of the monthly youth mass in St. Augustine Catholic Chaplaincy, Akoka.

Just a night before, the youths gathered in the chaplaincy’s chapel to pray together for a successful mass and I am overly convinced God answered their prayers because every activity went as planned.


From the short drama presentation just before the homily by the ‘Social Group’ of CYON, to the praise and worship anchored by the chaplaincy’s lead singer/keyboardist, Mr. Ebuka – the choristers were so much in high spirits, they sang so heavenly – to the homily by the chaplain, Rev. Fr. Wisdom Chikezie, to the prayers of the faithful said in different Nigerian dialects to finally, the birthday thanksgiving for people born in the months of January to August; all were perfect!


Every new addition to Sunday’s liturgy added so much beauty to the mass one would wish to revisit such bliss every Sunday.

The youth mass planning committee members were seen wearing a specially made muffler adding more color to the mass, as were the church wardens and welcoming ministers wearing custom made youth mass sashes; all looked grand. All these and many more were indications that the youth mass, long prophesied, has truly come to stay.


The homily centered on contentment and the need to be grateful to God for what He has provided regardless of the current situation in the country. Youths are known to ooze with this air of discontentment with mainly their physical appearances and finances been the targets, allowing the devil to wreak havoc in their lives.

“While we await the abundance of God blessings, we need to be content with what we have and where we are in life,” said Fr. Wisdom.

Two (2) families had their Harvest of Great Mercy 2016 family harvest thanksgiving, Mrs. Amaka Alagwu and her family and well wishers, also Mr. Eke Aham Geoff and his family. Both families were full of joy as they danced to the altar with their gifts in appreciation for God’s mercies.


“As we strive to survive and stay happy in this harsh economic clime, it is worthy to note that for ‘every season, there is GRACE provided; in poverty there is GRACE, also in riches, there is abundance of GRACE”.

Stayed blessed!

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