Harvest of Great Mercy Petition Slip Submitted During August Altar Call


Special petition slips were shared to the congregation sometime last month along with special sheets of paper for writing a ‘letter to Jesus’.

The petitions printed on the slips ranged from various intentions worshipers of our time commonly ask God for; right marriage partner, employment opportunity, birthday thanksgiving, success in exams, fruit of the womb etc.

Harvest_Petiton Slip

All these intentions and many more were on the hearts and minds of parishioners as they trooped out armed with their envelops (enclosed in it were their petition slip, hand written letter to Jesus and a seed) as the altar call was made by the priest, Rev. Fr. Wisdom Chikezie.



Before then, special intentions for the month of July was communicated to the parishioners. They all were to pray in line with the intention of the month.

Due to the economic crisis and the recent nationwide retrenchment of workers, the chaplain deemed it proper we pray earnestly for career men and women. This made up the bulk of the intentions for the month of July. Special bible verses were also communicated to all to pray within the said month as the word of God is alive and active, sharper than any double-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12).

During Fr. Wisdom’s homily, he reminded the congregation of the importance of carrying the Lord along in their daily activities. He taught them the various bodily attitudes which every child of God should always take into consideration.

They are;

  • Sitting in the presence of the Lord: The only way to gain direction in the presence of the Lord is by sitting calmly and listening gently as the Lord only speaks in silence.
  • Standing in the presence of the Lord: Standing in the presence of the Lord in holy worship is a sign of victory, it sends out a bold statement and recognition of God’s might and power in our worship.
  • Kneeling in the presence of the Lord: Kneeling is an expression of adoration, a sign of affirmation of the divinity of the Lord.


“It is not man that would make you understand your purpose in life, instead, it is God that will send someone to speak, in order to make you understand”, he said.

This coming Sunday, 14th of August is our chaplaincy youth mass and we encourage you all to attend the 9.30am mass and experience the Lord of hosts in a bold, unique, mind blowing and engaging way.

See you there!

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