THE POWER OF INNOVATION John Oyadougha +2348186482381 The world’s largest taxi company has no single taxi. The world’s largest hotel and hospitality company has no hotel. The world’s largest retail/grocery company has no retail or grocery store, the world’s largest Search engine has no content of theirs. We can go on [...]

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The history of the Assumption – and why it’s a Holy Day of Obligation

  Today, Catholics around the world mark the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, commemorating the end of her earthly life and assumption into Heaven. But while the [...]

How St. Maximillian Kolbe Led People into Relationship with God

by Ricky Jones (From Word On Fire Blog) Accepting fully the shared mission as a member of the Body of Christ—that you are called just like the original eleven apostles [...]

For Me, Becoming Christian Meant Becoming Catholic

by Fredric Heidemann (From Word On Fire Blog) When my conversion from atheism comes up in conversation, the first question is not usually what made me believe in God or [...]

Pope reflects on Transfiguration, summer vacation at Angelus

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis focused his Angelus reflection on the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord, which is celebrated each year on 6 August. “The event of the [...]

The Secret to St. John Vianney’s Missionary Priesthood

by Fr. Steve Grunow (From Word On Fire Blog) Today the Church remembers the witness of St. John Vianney, the “Cure of Ars”, who is the patron saint of parish [...]

Does Conscience Point Towards the Existence of God?

by Matt Nelson (From Word On Fire Blog) Throughout the wide world of creation God has left all sorts of signs that point right back at him. Often these clues tell us more [...]

The Bold Witness of St. Ignatius of Loyola

by Fr. Steve Grunow (From Word On Fire Blog) "Go forth and set the world on fire." - St. Ignatius of Loyola During the sixteenth century, it seemed to many that the [...]

Why We So Desperately Need Community

by Chris Hazell (From Word On Fire Blog) I frequent a certain coffee shop during the week. Just about every time I’m there, I see two older men sitting in adjacent faded [...]

The Prophetic Nature of the Male Celibate Priesthood

by Fr. Damian Ference (From Word On Fire Blog) I am well aware that many Catholics disagree with the Church’s understanding of the priesthood. Many object to the [...]

How Fear Prevents Us from Being a Blessing to Others

by Ricky Jones (From Word On Fire Blog) Every moment of every day is an opportunity for blessing. Each encounter wherever it occur is an opportunity for grace. You and I [...]