It’s high time we looked at these two concepts, they are often used interchangeably to mean formal university education. I see career as having a natural passion for something and making a living out of it. It is that inborn talent God has given every man and woman to succeed in life. It comes at no cost, no need to incur cost on learning it. But in some cases, it is just a natural passion for something and making an attempt at it leads to success with less stress. On the other side of this precious coin is education, a formal education requiring you to attend a University, do your Masters, MBA, PHD, Doctorate and having lots of professional certifications such as the CFA, ICAN, ACCA and so on. In the end, you work in a corporate environment, subject to a salary and pension if you are lucky.

I like to note clearly and vividly once again that not everyone is created for the formal education path, in the same manner, not everyone can effectively utilize their God given talent so in all you do, know your path.
In pursuance of passion, the word dropout has become more and more relevant by the day. People are now proud to drop out of school to pursue what they have passion for. Well that might be the biggest mistake you made in your life, it can as well be the best decision you take in your life. In dropping out of school to pursue a career, people often use the Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, The Bill Gate of Microsoft and the Steve Job of Apple example without realizing that these guys did not drop out like fools.

Let us quickly look at the Zuckerberg and Steve Job story. Mark Zuckerberg was an Art Major at Harvard University but he loved computers and spent a lot of time programing. He saw his course of study as a waste of time and decided to pursue his passion of programing full time so what he did was to defer his education. At that time Harvard had a policy that enables students to leave school and still be able to return even after a couple of years. If Facebook had failed, he would have returned to school. When asked in 2015 if he can still return to school, he said he can if he wanted to. That’s with Mark.

Steve Jobs saw his course of study very irrelevant as well, he spent more time on his computer, He then decided to drop off on some courses he was offering in school. He then took up a course on Calligraphy because all posters in school were beautifully handwritten in Calligraphy and he loved it but at that time, he had no idea the use of what he was learning. It was five years later; the first MacBook came out and he used Calligraphy as the font style with very beautiful spacing that beats the windows.

It then becomes obvious that these guys did not stupidly leave school without having a concrete plan and some level of success. The American environment in which they operated in also supported their dreams.

If you have got no concrete plan for your out of school life, please do not drop out of school. You do not know what life will throw at you. You can imagine how funny it sounds for people to demand for your certificate when you have just won a presidential election. It is true we go to school to learn and make money and that money and even more can be made if we follow our passion through but you have got to be careful in what decisions you take as per dropping out of school.

Remember that the environment we live in worships certificate, at least it will get you an interview and if you are the type that sees formal education as your path in life, be rugged at it and get the best grades possible. There is no point going to the University and graduating with a third class.
Give your best to all you do and the sky will just be the stepping stone.

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